TRANSPORTSERVIS-SK is a complete service provider for oversized and heavy cargo transport - special transports, escort vehicles - pilot cars and permits. Transportservis-SK has many years of experience, a responsible approach and the necessary qualifications for transporting loads that are not permitted by law on the roads due to their oversized dimensions. Nothing is left to a chance, every single transport is carefully reviewed and prepared. Our first priority for any oversized or heavy cargo load is to arrive at its destination without any damage and on time to the full satisfaction of our customer.

      We perform and provide:
  • spedition for transportation of oversized and heavy cargo
  • permits necessary for transport of oversized cargo
  • escort/accompanying vehicles
  • check routes with necessary measurements of passages
  • control of loading and/or unloading points
  • assembling and disassembling vehicles with trained personnel
    garancia kvaliy

  • assistance with transport of energy networks
  • workers of telecommunication and cable
  • police assistance in certain cases
  • mobile cranes
  • services and cooperation with transporters
   TRANSPORTSERVIS-SK  is a guarantee of quality and safety!