Oversize and heavy cargo transport can, due to its size and/or weight, significantly jeopardize the safety of road traffic and disrupt the traffic flow. For these reasons certain cases may be required to have escort vehicles for transport/s.

    Main purpose of escort/accompanying vehicles are:

  • warning for other drivers of possible dangers throughout the transport
  • help in navigation of oversize and/or heavy cargo transport
  • managing traffic at traffic lights, bridges, roundabouts, etc... .

    Our equipment and communication:

Our vehicles are fully equipped with orange hazard warning lights and CB radios in the range 1-40 FM & AM, as is the norm in EU and PL. Drivers navigate in Slovak and German languages. They have many years of experience in this field, they fulfill all approved guidelines and training. They are equipped with light batons/marshaling wands for day and night use and safety apparel for directing the traffic flow.